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Do you have a building project or renovation in your home? If yes, you need a reputable building contractor to achieve the best results for your home project. We understand you might want to cut costs and hire someone you know. However, this often leads to overspending and an extensive period before the project gets completed in most situations.

Hiring a building contractor is the best decision you can make because the contractor will be responsible for the project. The contractor will be in charge of the planning, development, and execution of the project from inception to completion.

Besides this, building contractors offer other services, including flooring, roofing, plumbing, etc. Having a company that provides these combined services helps ensure efficiency and fulfillment of client’s requirements. Our building contractors can handle various building projects, including

Block paving work has a long tradition and is our specialty

Good investments don’t always happen on the stock market. Dulam’s services guarantee a tailored solution that matches or improves your existing architecture, creating depth and character to your building, adding immense long term value and resale potential.
If you think impressing the neighborhood with your next project is a bad investment, think again. A buildings attractiveness creates beneficial long term desirability and status so rest assured that when your project is completed, dazzled spectators and onlookers will confirm that you’ve made a great investment.
Want tailored, low-maintenance solutions that beautify your building but don’t want to break the bank? Dulam (PTY) Ltd sources and compares the finest building materials on the market at their most affordable price points so you can achieve your dream goals at the most cost effective level possible.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd building contractors

Please be as descriptive as possible in order for us to provide you with an accurate and timely quote.

NOTE: NOT all services Dulam (PTY) Ltd offers are available in Potchefstroom or Bloemfontein

Building Construction

We are a top-notch company and have earned respect due to our quality and stable structures. One unique secret behind our success is the ability to understand our client’s needs. We place customer satisfaction as our top-most priority. Dulam provides building contractors on different projects, including

  • Building of landed houses
  • Building of houses
  • Building of bungalows
  • Construction of factories
  • Other structural works
Dulam (PTY) Ltd building construction

Renovation Services

Does your home, warehouse, or office require any renovation? We can refurbish your furniture using our expert technical skills. We offer various renovation services in factories, shopping malls, and bungalows. Other renovation services include:

  • Office renovation
  • Painting services
  • Bank renovation
  • Plumbing services
  • PVC ceilings installation
Dulam (PTY) Ltd house renovations

Reasons to use Dulam (PTY) Ltd

  • Affordable Pricing We understand you have a working budget and would do anything for your project to fit in. We offer clients a flexible budget for their projects. Regardless of the size – small or big, we aim to deliver the best project within your budget.

  • Customer DrivenDulam (PTY) Ltd is a customer-oriented company that emphasizes customer satisfaction. We provide tailored services to customers based on their needs, expectations, demands, and budget. We ensure we deliver the project before the stipulated timeframe and meet our client’s expectations.

  • ProfessionalismWe exhibit a high level of professionalism when working on any project. Our expert contractors display a positive work attitude in every project and minimize every nuisance to the occupants. Furthermore, we work under the ethics and standards of our industry.Hiring a building contractor comes with several benefits than when you outsource each subproject to different companies. These contractors handle every tedious task and keep detailed records of everything relating to the projects. This eliminates the hassle you have to face running around to handle every project requirement, which is quite an exhausting process.

  • Exclusive access to expertise and quality materials with Dulam Building Contractors Most contractors would want to cut costs while undermining the quality of material used. It is hard to find a building company that offers transparency in providing quality materials. We get the job completed using the best possible quality material and expertise.Our professional contractors possess adequate knowledge of different building codes and standards needed to complete a project. Besides this, if there are any unforeseen challenges in the project, our experts know how to get everything sorted out. We will work with your budget without undermining the quality of your building project.

  • Hire Dulam (PTY) Ltd We understand the stress of finding a reputable building contractor in South Africa. Nowadays, it is easier to find a contractor that would overcharge or cheat you for shoddy projects. Nevertheless, here at Dulam (PTY) Ltd, we specialize in providing different construction and building needs without playing down on quality. We strive to provide the best quality service to our numerous clients.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd building contractor - Property Construction and maintenance

We can’t categorically estimate the cost of a building project because every project is different. The cost for a new project or renovation will differ based on materials, location, and project timeframe. However, you can contact us for a physical appointment to discuss your project.

You can ask several questions about hiring a building contractor centered around costs, timeframe, quality of materials, and so on. You should also ask if they have any valid insurance, what their license number is, how many years of experience they have, and how they communicate changes in a project.

Yes. We’d love to visit your property when convenient for you to provide a quote for the required project – free of charge!

Do you have a new construction project?

Don’t hesitate to contact Dulam (PTY) Ltd Building Contractors, as we will make your project come to reality. Call 051 001 0072 for an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment through our website. Dulam (PTY) Ltd Building Contractors is your shortcut to a quality and cost-effective building project.