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You may ask yourself why clear view fencing? Have you ever passed a building with a high fence for security and thought that they ruined the neighborhood. Not with clearview fencing.

Have you ever put up a fence and missed the view that you used to have? Have you ever wanted a security fence for your property but didn’t want to ruin the view, that’s what clear view fencing is all about.

Clear View is the choice for any fencing project. It offers excellent visibility, and its rigid design makes it more secure than other types of palisade fences on today’s market – making clearview fencing one you should keep in mind when looking at your next investment!

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Due to the appearance of Clear View Fencing it actually provides you a clearer view of your residential or commercial property.

Clearview Fencing are more affordable that you might imagine, lasts longer and saves money in the long run.

Just drive around South Africa and look at all the rusted, broken and typically unkept fences. Our Clearview Fence features a minimum 10 year guarantee.

Dulam (PTY) Ltd clearview fencing
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Clearview Fencing Supply & Installation


A Clear Vu Fence is easthetically pleasing. With the smaller wire and wide open spaces between posts the fence basically blends into the surrounding area. The color of the fence can be matched to the environment if that’s what you want. The view is undisturbed by the fence. It can enhance your property. The design is for the fence to basically blend in.


The fence is designed to be cut proof, climb proof and a strong deterrent for criminals. The climb proofing can be enhance by spikes at the top or barbed wire, and concertina razor wire if someone does try to climb it, and gets to the top they may need stitches. At the very least they will let go of the fence. The height of the fence is from 6 and a half feet to 19 and a half feet depending on your needs and zoning requirements. There is nothing worse than coming home and seeing that someone has invaded the sanctity of your home this fence is made for that. Being strong beautiful and secure makes this fence a fence to remember when looking for your next fence.


The fence is welded then galvanized then either PVC dipped or powder coated for a long lasting strong, good looking Clearview Fence. They start by welding the many small wires together in a design for security in a panel. They use soft steel for this making construction time and costs down. The next step is a process to strengthen the soft steel to a strong cut proof steel. Then coat it to keep it rust free and beautiful for years of service. All the posts are made from 2 mm thick galvanized posts. The hardware to connect the panel to the post is anti theft variety making it safe and secure.

Added Value

When looking for a good looking fence,you get an invisible fence leaving the beauty that was there shine through. When looking for a security fence you get a nice looking safe fence that is uncuttable unclimbable, and it doesn’t look like a prison fence. When looking for a well constructed fence you get a welded galvanized PVC dipped or powder coated fence with security hardware. When deciding deciding whether you want the security of a fence or the beauty of a view now you don’t have to choose.

Dulam (PTY) Ltd clearview fencing
Dulam (PTY) Ltd clearview fencing
Dulam (PTY) Ltd clearview fencing

Clearview Fencing Specifications

With the looks of Clear View Fencing you get a practically invisible fence. It really enhances the beauty of your your property. With the construction of clear view fencing you get a quality made product built to last years worry free.

With the security of the Clearview Fence you can rest easier knowing that you have made a decision to make your property safer with added security of spikes and razor wire you can make it twice as safe. With the added value of the Clearview Fence you really can’t afford to not check it out.

For my money I would get the clear vu invisible security fence knowing that I would be safe and secure inside. You should also check out the construction of the clear view fencing the horizontal wires are 2 to 3mm and the vertical wires are 4mm thick galvanized steel with just barely a 75mm opening in between making it stronger and better than traditional fencing.

Having seen the added value and construction features of this imaginative product, now I believe you can make a much more informed decision on clear view fencing from Clear View.

Let me just leave you with this the clear view fencing is beautiful or at least less intrusive on the view. Being virtually invisible with colors to match the environment around it, it may be the best thing in fences ever.

No, all our fencing are manufactured proudly Local in South Africa

Clearview Fencing are more affordable that you might imagine, lasts longer and saves money in the long run.

Standard are Galvanized (silver), basically each panel gets a layer of Zinc, keeping it from rusting. From here you can choose to leave as is or Powdercoat your Fence & posts

You can work on an average of 16 fixators per post

Dulam (PTY) Ltd clearview fencing
Dulam (PTY) Ltd clearview fencing
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