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Do you have a building project or renovation in your home? If yes, you need a reputable building contractor to achieve the best results for your home project. We understand you might want to cut costs and hire someone you know. However, this often leads to overspending and an extensive period before the project gets completed in most situations.

Hiring a building contractor is the best decision you can make because the contractor will be responsible for the project. The contractor will be in charge of the planning, development, and execution of the project from inception to completion.

Besides this, building contractors offer other services, including flooring, roofing, plumbing, etc. Having a company that provides these combined services helps ensure efficiency and fulfillment of client’s requirements. Our building contractors can handle various building projects, including
Good investments don’t always happen on the stock market. With the increase in crime and theft in South Africa, investing in a quality fence will provide you with added layer of security and piece of mind.
Want a tailored, low-maintenance fencing solutions but don’t want to break the bank? Dulam (PTY) Ltd sources and compares the finest fencing materials on the market and offers end-to-end fencing solutions to ensure you get the most secure and affordable solution possible.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd Fencing
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NOTE: NOT all services Dulam (PTY) Ltd offers are available in Potchefstroom or Bloemfontein

Why hire a fencing installation contractor?

Fencing is one of a house’s most significant elements. There are plenty of purposes as to why someone would want fencing. You want your house to mark its boundaries. It should be used for protection, too. But often, due to bad maintenance, it doesn’t last that long. That’s why you need to get a pro to install your fence.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd Fencing

Fence Maintenance

Generally fences do not need allot of maintenance & with proper installation done by Dulam, you fence should last for years with very little work needed to keep the fence in a good condition.

Fencing that only has dirt on it can be washed easily with a hose, preferably from a pressurized water system but be careful because old wood can sometimes last off. Damaged fence posts should be repaired or replaced immediately as this is a structural strong point for the rest of the fence and if it gives way, could cause damage to the rest of your fence and sometimes a lot more damage.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd Fencing

Did you use proper coating / paint?

Fence coating can be one of the main issues of deterioration. By sure sure you use quality undercoating & paint, you shouldn’t have any issues with rust later on.

Alternatively if you want to protect and preserve wood finished fencing, its best to contact a professional for a staining or gel solution as DIY varnishes don’t always live up to their labels. This will help you save a lot more in the long run from having to refinish wood grain.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd Fencing

Fencing Colours

Your choice of colours, although most people use standard colours like green for instance, you could ideally get your fence painted almost any colour you want.

Keep your yard protected by having a proper fencing installed. Do your research and consult some of the reputed fencing & electric fencing installation companies in Bloemfontein. Hire a company that’s properly licensed and insured. Also, see if the company is experienced and provides quality services at reasonable prices or not.

Dulam can install Palisades, Devils Fork & Electric Fences for residential and commercial clients in and around Bloemfontein.

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Dulam (PTY) Ltd Fencing
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