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Why do I need a gate motor?
It has a big safety aspect, it is convenient, versatile and you have complete gate control.
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Gates and doors are used on different parts of a residential or commercial property not only to increase its security but also its aesthetics. In order to make the operation of these doors and gates easy and automatic most people install gate motors on them. Though you can find various types of gate motors in the market but Centurion gate motors are considered among the best ones in this class. However, before choosing the best garage gate motor you must know about different types of gate motors and their use.

Different types of electrically operated gate & garage door motors are used these days for automatic operation of the doors and gates. These motors are connected to speed reducers, and gears to operate the gate or door correctly

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Worm Gear & Speed Reducing Motors

This motor can be operated easily as its input shaft contacts a toothed gear which rotates tooth by tooth when the shaft rotates

centurion gate motors

Linear Gear Motors

In these motors two interrelated gears are placed in such a way so that the speed of the fast-moving gear can be reduced by the slow-moving gear so that these gate motors can work smoothly

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Planetary Motors

In these motors, many gears revolve around a central gear like planets. The speed system of the entire planetary system revolves around an internal crown

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Usage of different types of gate motors

Sliding doors: The gate motors with speed reducer wheel and worm gear are used in sliding doors. They are easy to use because the toothed crown and worm gear in its transmission system move together to reduce the speed of the motor and operate the gate smoothly.

Access grid gates: The motors with worm gearboxes are used on access gates because the movement of the gate can be controlled by the toothed rack and pinion placed in the lower part of the coulters of the motor to ensure linear displacement of the door.

Garage door: A motor with a linear reducer is normally used as a garage door motor. It converts the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion to operate the sectional garage door easily.

Shop access doors: The motors with planetary gearboxes are used on the access doors of shops. Their central gear is connected to a crown and carrier so that the movement of the central axis can move the crown to operate the access door.

While choosing the best Centurion gate motors you will have to consider a few things like:

Type of the door: While choosing a garage door motor you should consider the weight and length of the door, the type of door and whether it opens inside or outside.

Type of power: You should also focus on the volts and watts of the power supply required to the motor so that it can operate your gate or door properly. While installing the centurion gate motors on your gate you should also consider the type of current, AC or DC, as well as the weight of the door or gate so that the motor can work effectively.

Space to install the motor: Another important thing to consider while choosing gate motors is the location of installing it, interior or exterior, as well as the space required to install it. You can choose some other motor on the basis of the availability of the space.

Thus while choosing the gate motors for the automatic operation of your doors and gates you should consider the type, weight, and length as well as the side of the movement of the doors or gates on which they have to be installed. The performance of Centurion gate motors depends upon the weight and dimension as well as the location of the door, whether it is installed outside the building or inside it.

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You should connect the transmitter’s negative to the Saf Com terminal  to facailitate the beam test’s functionality

you can fit a steel rack yes, but we Centsys recommends a nylon rack as it is more cost effective and runs smoother

The same memory module that we use of the D5 Evo and D10 Sector can be used to backup the memory, by doing this it will restore your special settings and remotes

Switch off the power unit, then you would bridge inputs 1 & 2 to ground also bridge the set link and then switch on the unit again. Remember to remove all the wire links and the jumper. You have now reset the unit back to default

Once the main power supply fails, the operator will beep once, every 30 seconds which will indicate transition into standby mode. You can do around 12 – 30 operations but this depends on door size, balance and power failure duration. If the batteries are getting close to empty it will beep every 15 seconds and you have 2 or 3 cycles left before complete shutdown

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