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Dulam offers unique painting services that make your house look like a home. One of the effective ways of personalizing your home is spicing things up with color. Bright, elegant, cheerful, and muted – whatever your personality, mood, or preference you want, there is always a color that matches it up. Our professional team of painters specializes in making your house feel like home. We take care of both the interiors and exteriors of your home.

We don’t only make your residential building WOW; we offer the best commercial painting services throughout South Africa. Whether it’s your office building or a single room, we strive to complete your painting project on time and within your budget without undermining the work quality.

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NOTE: NOT all services Dulam (PTY) Ltd offers are available in Potchefstroom

Commercial Painters

At Dulam, we prioritize getting the work done as fast as possible. We say goodbye to painters that take months to finish their job, thereby causing property damage or providing poor artistry. Whenever you need us, we will be there to ensure you get the best result you desire. We have years of experience in providing both interior and exterior painting services to all kinds of businesses, including;

  • Gyms and Fitness centers
  • Warehouses
  • Property management companies
  • Offices

We always strive to provide the best quality work possible as we deliver on the agreed-upon deadline. We give your workplace or office the fresh look it desires for everyone to appreciate.

Office Painters

Whether it is your entire office building or a single office, we are here to handle all your office painting. It doesn’t matter the size – small or big, our team of painters will provide a perfect finishing for your office. They are trained to transform your office space while providing minimal disruption to your business. We also offer color consultations, where you can select the color that suits your building and boost productivity at work.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Painters

At times, you might be tempted to cut costs and hire a cheap painter for your commercial building because of budget constraints. Remarkably, there is always a price you’ve got to pay – poor quality job, waste of resource and time.

However, hiring a professional commercial painting company like Dulam offers a better approach. We provide a detailed proposal that clearly outlines our painting services, including the cost.

Unlike when you hire a cheap painter, your expenses can upsurge because of unforeseen bills. However, at Dulam, we ensure our estimators provide an accurate price and work towards that target without additional fees. Our painters are licensed, insured, professionals, and bonded, meaning your building is secured.

You don’t have to place your business on hold while renovating it. We understand the value of customers, which is why we focus everything on getting the job done. You won’t incur any cost, revenue lost, or wasted work days as we beat every deadline. We get your renovation completed in no time as you return to running your business as nothing happened.

Why Dulam (PTY) Painters?

Unlike most painting service providers, we at Dulam offer the best painters for your project. We don’t believe all projects should be handled in the same manner. We believe in the uniqueness of each property – home or office. Focusing on this, we strive to offer the best personalized painting services across South Africa.

At Dulam, our painters are trained to go above and beyond your expectation. We are the best because:

  • We offer fixed price promotion
  • Efficient painting methods with lasting results
  • Transparent pricing system
  • Superior painting services
  • Warranty for every painting project

All our painters are screened, bonded, and insured to protect your property. You can be rest assured that everything in your home will be intact. With every service we offer, we save money, time, and stress.

Our charges will depend on various factors, including the type of paint, surface condition, geographic region, number of coats, and so on.  To have accurate pricing for your home or office, you can contact us or set up an estimate or quote. We will reach out to you.

Absolutely, at Dulam, we don’t only paint your home; we ensure every item in your home is secured pending the job is completed. However, on the first day, we recommend you have someone review the scope of our work. After that, our professional painters can get the work started. Dulam is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about regarding your valuable items at home.

Normally, we assign at least two painters to each project, depending on the size. Therefore, the timeframe for delivery would depend on the size of the building and urgency. Nevertheless, most painting projects we have undertaken don’t exceed two weeks, including the interior and exterior of the property.

Do you have a new construction project?

Don’t hesitate to contact Dulam (PTY) Ltd Building Contractors, as we will make your project come to reality. Call 051 001 0072 for an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment through our website. Dulam (PTY) Ltd Building Contractors is your shortcut to a quality and cost-effective building project.