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Brick Paving

If you are planning to decorate the exterior of your house, brick paving can be an aesthetically beautiful option. Asphalt and cement paving may not give you the sophisticated appeal that brick paving does. Brick paving offers elegant looks for the exterior of your property. We help you transform the exterior of your home to give you a perfect atmosphere outdoors. We offer professional services that make a difference to the exteriors of your house.
Good investments dont always happen on the stock market. Dulam’s brick paving services guarentee a tailored solution that matches or improves your existing architecture, creating depth and character to your building, adding immense long term value and resale potential.
If you think impressing the neighbourhood is a bad investment, think again. The amazement created from great brick paving is what increases property value from the simple fact that a buildings attractiveness creates beneficial long term desirability and status so rest assured that when your paving is completed, dazzled spectators and onlookers will confirm that you’ve made a great investment.
Want a tailored, low-maintenance brick paving solution that beautifies your building but dont want to break the bank? Dulam (PTY) Ltd sources and compares the finest paving materials on the market at their most affordable price points so you can achieve your dream look at the most cost effective level possible.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd brick paving
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NOTE: NOT all services Dulam (PTY) Ltd offers are available in Potchefstroom or Bloemfontein

Brick Paving for Patios

Brick patios can transform your backyard into a place that looks elegant and comfortable. Brick patios comprise elegant patterns and bricks of distinct shapes.

You can choose to change the shape of the patio itself. We can help you remove the old patio before installing the new one. When it comes to cleaning, a brick patio is easy to clean and offers an amazing contrast to the simple-looking backyard.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd brick paving

Brick Paving for Driveways

Everyone visiting your house can see your driveway. To enhance the look of your driveway, going for brick paving is a great option.

You can choose from different brick colors and arrange them in a nice pattern.

You can wash a brick paver driveway once/twice a year using a pressure washer. The dirt and weeds settled between the bricks should be removed before the power wash begins. Let the surface dry for a day or two, seal the joint using fresh sand in case the surface is loose fit.

Brick Paving for Sidewalks

As mentioned earlier, brick sidewalks are available in different colors, which gives you the flexibility to choose the one you like most for your sidewalk. A brick-paved sidewalk has been shown to add value to a property. So if you are planing on selling your home anytime soon, this may be food for thought!

Retaining Walls

What are the Benefits of Brick Paving?

Decorative Brick Paving

Dulam offers a range of brick paving services, from grading to driveways and drainage to patios.  We are a reputable decorative paving firm that serves both commercial and residential sectors.

Whether it is brick paving around shrubs and trees, or a fresh landscape area with attractive retaining walls, Dulam (PTY) Ltd has the expert team and modern equipment to help you complete your paving project with utmost satisfaction.

Our reliable team offers creative designs that match the client’s needs. If you are not sure about the design, our professionals will guide you throughout the entire process to help you bring your vision into reality.

Dulam (PTY) Ltd brick paving

What are the Benefits of Brick Paving?

Adds value to your property

If you are searching for a cost-effective method to increase the value of your house, then brick paving services can help you accomplish the task. Our brick paving services help you add value to your property with brick paving sidewalks and driveways that would grab the attention of passers-by.

Save time & money

If you want to enhance the appeal of areas outdoors without spending much on maintenance, then brick paving is the ideal option. Save cash that can be invested in other areas of your home!


  • Adds elegance to your house
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost-effective
Dulam (PTY) Ltd brick paving
Dulam (PTY) Ltd brick paving

The required maintenance for brick paving is minimal. You can clean them frequently and seal them once a year. This helps them keep their original color, finish, and any texture.

Cleaning and sealing are absolutely an individual choice. If the bricks get faded, you would certainly want to look into these options.

With brick pavers, you get countless options. You will find distinct styles of pavers to pick from. Also, you will find various textures and patterns.

Based on your specific needs, colors and sizing can be different. It means you will find plenty of options that meet your taste and lifestyle.

Well, the cost depends on your preferences and needs as there are so many options available in the market. Plus, the pricing depends on the style, texture, and additions, as these factors affect the price range. We help you get a free estimate according to your needs.

If you are not sure whether brick pavers would be the right option for you, get in touch with us for a consultation. We ensure helpful guidance and comprehensive solutions to meet your paving needs.

Do you have a new brick paving project?

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