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When searching throughout various roof waterproofing “coatings”, as these materials are commonly called, contractors realize that not all are created equal.

Given how many options there seem to be at your disposal, homeowners waste a tremendous amount of cash without even considering or knowing about alternatives which have been proven much more economical than traditional water resistant coatings.

Dulam (PTY) Ltd does the research to make sure homeowners get the most economical roof waterproofing solution possible when waterproofing a flat or very steeply pitched roof, providing you a tailored waterproofing solution and peace of mind. We can also assist with Ceiling Repairs and Installation.
Good investments don’t always happen on the stock market. Dulam’s Roof Waterproofing services guarantee a tailored solution that improves your building by protecting it’s style, creating depth, character and safety to the structure, adding immense long term value and potential.
If you think impressing guests or the neighborhood is a bad investment, think again. The amazement and protection created from good waterproofing is what increases property value from the simple fact that a buildings safety and attractiveness creates beneficial long term desirability and status so rest assured that when your project is completed, the reaction from dazzled spectators and onlookers will confirm that you’ve made a great investment.
Want tailored, low-maintenance waterproofing that beautifies your building but don’t want to break the bank? Dulam (PTY) Ltd sources and compares the finest waterproofing paints and membranes on the market at their most affordable price points so you can achieve your dream roof at the most cost effective level possible.
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NOTE: NOT all services Dulam (PTY) Ltd offers are available in Potchefstroom or Bloemfontein

Flat Roof Waterproofing

Flat roof waterproofing is a complicated process that involves many considerations. The success of any project depends on the correct application, but often times people just think it means coating their roofs with some gooey substance and call it done – when in reality they’re only protecting your membrane from UV rays which will lead to premature aging or even worse. Dulam has the expertise to help you avoid the risks from water leakage!

A roof waterproofing solution is the best way to keep your building dry and protected from water damage. Flat roofs are also easily maintained, with low sloped surfaces being a popular choice for many businesses due in part because they don’t need as much maintenance work done on them over time – like painting or footing up into higher slopes. In this day and age though we have products like EPDM designed specifically for commercial buildings such us warehouses – which can be vulnerable to heavy downpours.

EPDM is used for roof waterproofing in most countries on account of its ability to stretch and ease of application. In addition rubber membranes can be applied over old waterproofing solutions that have given up and still provide the benefit of maintenance-free roofing! This makes them eco friendly as well as recyclable too so you’re doing your part by living green while protecting your valuable asset.
flat roof waterproofing

Damp Proofing

Dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in a structure. Signs can be blisters on paint and discolouration; wet spots that are rough to touch, like old carpet or decayed wood flooring for instance; musky smells coming from anywhere near water sources such as bathrooms with leaks around pipes etc., which would also mean there’s mold growth somewhere nearby too!

Dry conditions may not present any problems until they’re left untreated long enough where cracks will begin forming due to shrinkage/expansion between layers – this leads right into rot since you have no protection against minerals seeping through.
damp roof waterproofing
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