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South African households continue to be plagued by high energy costs and unreliable electricity supply. Solar energy continually proves to be the new frontier with regards to energy provision as households, as well as companies, continue pushing the envelope when it comes to alternative sources of energy.

Renewable energy pundits and enthusiasts indicate that the uptake of in the adoption of home solar systems can cut power by a whopping 65%. It has led to governments adopting solar energy programs both locally and nationally as it evidently presents itself as a viable option in complementing their energy needs.

We can also assist with Solar Geyser supply and installations
The installation of a solar system is going to offset you quite a fair amount as a homeowner. However, on the positive side, the system works almost immediately after installation decreasing your on-the-grid power consumption. The resultant effect is the reduction of monthly power bills.

The amounts saved can go towards paying your initial investment used in setting up the solar system. It averagely takes between 2-5 years, after which cost savings directly go to your bank account. You could also check into government tax incentives, which could still aid you further financially.

Due to the inadequate electricity network coverage in most homes, the use of fossil fuels remains the only viable option for most families. It increases the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, ultimately leading to dire effects of climate change. The introduction of solar panels in capturing solar energy provides an alternative, efficient, and clean energy.

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Why would I want a Solar Panel System for my Home or Business?

Fewer Maintanance Costs
Installation of a solar system comes with a more extended guarantee resulting in lower maintenance costs. For example, solar panels can last over 30 years. A point to note is that solar panels price varies depending on their rating or output. However, most homeowners tend to shy away from purchasing expensive solar panels with the notion that they aren’t likely to last long, thus, missing out on power output. It’s worth noting that durability isn’t dependent on pricing.

With the advance in technology, a homeowner can upgrade their home solar system. Components such as solar panels, piping, and batteries can be upgraded to increase power output. What’s mostly upgraded is the panels since the solar panels price determines the level of power rating.

For most homeowners, safety is an integral factor when choosing an energy source for their home. Unlike the conventional electric energy used to power most homes, a home or business solar system poses as the safest mode of energy with less exposure to electric shocks.

Increased Home Value
It’s a well-known fact that homes with existing solar systems sell faster in the real estate market compared to those without. Either way, you have the option of recouping your investment, whether you decide to stay on your property or sell it

Ability to Live Grid-Free
For aspiring or potential homeowners, they now have the opportunity to live or settle wherever they wish, thanks to alternative energy sources. However, such a decision usually gets dictated by the renewable energy option that gets chosen. For a home solar system, the availability of a water source also plays an integral part

Renewable power such as solar is inexhaustible and is readily distributed among the populations. On the flip side, fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and wood only last for a period leading to susceptibility in self-sufficiency

Further, in both developed and developing economies, electricity comes from coal. Case in point, one-third of South Africa’s power comes from the combustion of coal. Coal byproducts pollute the environment leading to adverse environmental effects. The adoption and use of solar panels, among other eco-friendly media, leads us to be a part of the overall global solution.

Power outages typically become rampant since there’s isn’t enough electricity to go around. Such circumstances make solar power a popular alternative option. Homeowners have discovered this and are increasingly harnessing solar as a power source. Why decrease your quality of life when you could get your hands on a clean, non-competitive power source?
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There is a big difference between the 2 options, off-grid being more expensive, and the options revolve around where your energy is stored. Each system needs to store energy which is used as needed, your PV Panels generates a charge when the sun is shining but when the sun goes down you still need electricity. With a grid tied system your energy that you generated is sent back into the grid. This simply means your panels feed other homes in your area and you get credits.

With an off-grid system you have to have a way to store the electricity, so you will need a battery bank which provides dedicated energy storage, but they are expensive. To sum up, Grid-Tied systems stores energy in the electricity grid, while Off-Grid systems store energy in an array of batteries.

Like other renewable energy options, solar power has environmental and health benefits, like reducing greenhouse gas emmissions (which as we all know contributes to climate change). It also results in fewer air pollution’s, which has it’s own health benefits.

PV Panels absorb the sun’s energy during the day while converting that energy into DC (direct current) electricity. Most business and residential homes run on AC (alternating current) electricity, the DC current is passed through an inverter and converts it into AC current, making it usable.

This all depends on exactly how cloudy, but yes your will still get electricity just a bit less and grid-tied systems, no electricity. It is still a great investment even if you live in a cloudy city!

PV Panels are made of durable tempered glass and do require very little maintenance (remember also your roof are partly covered by panels, so depending on your roof paint there will be a difference in color, also if you were to pain the roof sometime after installation there will be costs involved in removing and putting the panels back)

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