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Tile Flooring

If you want to revamp your bathroom, kitchen, or entrance of your home, you may be considering new tile flooring. Tiles have been in existence for thousands of years, and every day newer products are introduced into the market. We understand how it can be hectic to find the perfect match for your home.

Regardless of your budget, you need high-quality tiles for your home; the installation process is critical as it is what makes your home complete. Dulam (PYT) Ltd offers tile high-quality tile flooring services to customers in South Africa.
Good investments don’t always happen on the stock market. Dulam’s flooring solutions are guaranteed to match or improve your existing interior, creating depth and character to your room.
If you think impressing guests are a bad investment, think again. The amazement created from good flooring is what increases property value from the simple fact that a buildings interior creates beneficial long term desirability and status so rest assured that when your floor is completed, a reaction from a dazzled guest will confirm that you’ve made a great investment.
Want a tailored, low-maintenance flooring solution that beautifies your interior but don’t want to break the bank? Dulam (PTY) Ltd sources and compares the finest flooring materials on the market at their most affordable price points so you can achieve your dream look at the most cost effective level possible.
Dulam (PTY) Ltd tile flooring
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NOTE: NOT all services Dulam (PTY) Ltd offers are available in Potchefstroom or Bloemfontein

Why contact an expert Tile Flooring Installation Company

Do you have a new building project or looking to revamp your home and give it a unique look? You need to hire professional tile flooring experts to handle your tiling. Ditch the DIY videos and projects because you lack the experience and expertise to do your flooring. Are you thinking about why you should contact Dulam Tile Flooring experts for your tile flooring? Here are a few reasons to contact us today.

  • Quick Service
    We have professional tile floor installers with several years of experience, meaning they can easily install your tiles quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to take a week off from work as everything will be completed quicker than expected. It doesn’t matter if any trouble arises during the installation; their skills and experience give them the upper edge to fix the issues swiftly and efficiently
  • Tools & Equipment

    At Dulam, we use the latest industry equipment for your tile flooring installation. We have many tools to handle just about any project and situation; our tools allow us to cut and shape your tiles to suit your needs. You don’t have to pay a huge sum of money to buy equipment for your DIY project and later consult the professionals. Let us risk the damage and mistakes and serve you better.

  • Access to Excellent Tiles

    When you hire Dulam for your tile flooring, our experts have access to a plethora of options you might not easily find in most stores. What design, shape, style, color, and pattern do you want? We will go for the perfect tile to complement the interior of your home.

  • Minimize Wastage

    Taking measurements for your tiles is very technical. You need each tile to be as accurate as possible, and only an expert knows how to handle such measurements accurately. You don’t have to waste money and time dealing with wrong measurements and broken tiles. Allow the professionals to handle your tile flooring to save you the stress.

Dulam (PTY) Ltd tile flooring
Dulam (PTY) Ltd tile flooring
Dulam (PTY) Ltd tile flooring

Tile Options for your home

Here at Dulam, we carry stone, porcelain, ceramic, wood, and stone tile options. Ceramic tiles are made of clay permanently hardened by heat, whereas porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles manufactured from denser clay with lower water absorption. Both options are a good choice for your home since they are versatile and can be used on different surfaces.

However, wood and stone tiles are natural tiles for your floor. The stone tiles are made from natural materials such as slate, granite, travertine, and limestone. They are durable compared to ceramic tile and can lend a luxurious appeal to your home. On the other hand, wood tile is an excellent flooring option since it looks genuine with wear resistance. Whether you want your entire home or a particular area to look rich, our experts can get the perfect match to suit the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

Extensive Tile Collection for your home

Our experts can help out when it comes to choosing the best floor tile to suit your home. Each tile is unique, with distinct benefits that vary in performance depending on what you need. Best of all, we can help you get the best quality tiles for your home. After the installation is complete, we also advise on how you can protect the tiles against scratch. We offer this unique free service to show you we care about your home.

Call the Tile Floor Professional Installers

You need to hire a team of experts to handle your new tile installation. Tile floor installation is tricky to deal with as you don’t want irregular grout lines, loose tiles, or defective sealing. These are some of the problems you might face when you hire an inexperienced company to handle your tiling.

Our experts have the tools and knowledge to ensure a smooth and successful installation. We can install these tiles in any room of your choice. Let your journey start today as you contact Dulam for your tile flooring specialists. We make your design dreams come to reality.

Dulam (PTY) Ltd tile flooring

Wall tiles are usually lighter, softer, and lighter than floor tiles. The wall tile glazes can’t handle abrasive forces from feet. Nowadays, floor tiles are used on walls as long as the walls are strong enough to hold their weight. However, only a professional installer can understand how to properly place floor tiles on the wall.

It depends. If the installation is professionally done, ceramic tiles are very durable. Therefore, if you mistakenly drop a dish or glass, the tile might only crack or chip while the dish will likely break.

Besides installing tile flooring for your home, we also offer routine maintenance and replacement services for clients. Whether it is a new installation, repair, or replacement, we would first inspect your home if there is any necessary upgrade and provide a quote for you.

Do you have a new floor tiling project?

Don’t hesitate to contact Dulam (PTY) Ltd Building Contractors, as we will make your project come to reality. Call 051 001 0072 for an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment through our website. Dulam (PTY) Ltd Building Contractors is your shortcut to a quality and cost-effective building project.